3 Content Writing Top Frameworks For Better Results.

Organize and well structured content writing will achieve by applying certain frameworks.

How you decide the content you are writing and publishing is work well and drive massive traffic and grab readers attention.

How you decrease bounce rate for your blog posts.

Apply 3 Top frameworks to write better content.

This are the question of which you may find answers and you are at right place not for only above questions answer you get but deep content marketing knowledge with practical approach you get from this article.

Topics covered are

  1. What is content
  2. Why content writing is important.
  3. Traditional advertising Vs content marketing
  4. Headline research framework
  5. IBC framework
  6. CSR framework


Content writing frameworks starts from here.

What is content –

Content marketing is continues ongoing process or you called it always on strategy, by which you provide valuable, relevant and useful information to customer about product or services.

Using content you can educate and give information, you can give solution to customers problem and tell about product or service you want to sell.

Why content writing is important –

When people get their problems solution from your content then they follow your word so increase trust of your brand in consumers mind.

because it is relevant and not out of the topic it is relevant so people like and share so increase credibility.

More share, engagement, low bounce rate means more awareness and more brand recall.

Content marketing is more effective and yet less costly than traditional methods of advertising.

Traditional advertising vs content marketing –

In traditional advertising a products or service advertisement is produce visually appealing and push through tv media.

but in content marketing we provide consumer a quality information to increase his or her knowledge to help in decision making.

In Traditional method ad shown to consumer is the end of communication it is one sided communication.

Unlike here there is two way communication you can update content as per customer feedback.

you can reply to queries in comment section.

In traditional methods their is no targeting ad shown to irrelevant people.

But the content marketing you write to only targeted segment. this ensures maximum conversions.

Headline Research Framework –

content writing framework headline reasearch.

How most of readers decide the article is worthy or not. what is the first thing people see in article.

The answer is headline. by reading headline most people decide to read full content or not.

headline is the first place where you can work well to drive customers attention from very starting point

If your content in middle of article is so deep but headline is dull then most people leave by reading dull headline, no matter how much deep content inside.

So by now you know importance of headline then how to give headline that stick reader to article.

1’st step is decide topic on which you will write article.

Second step is research as you writing you are researching and brainstorming so you know important keyword from article.

Use keyword and the most searched and popular keyword and put it in headline. when the keyword with customer search for they find in your headline then they definitely click on it.

Competitor article headline ideas. you can go through similar topics headline and get idea to decide your one.

use catchy words in headline like formula, rules, tips, ideas. as this words catch attention of reader.

IBC Framework –

introduction body conclusion framework use in writing content.


This is a simple framework but yet easy to understand and apply.

let’s see one step by one.

Introduction –

When you write introduction it is write time to set context of whole article right here.

write all questions of which reader get answer in article.

You can use it for greetings and reader need to get attract from very starting.

Body –

Body is the part of article where reader spent most time and get valuable information here.

Write solution of problem you trying to solve of consumer in the body of article.

this part should be very detailed and well researched. meet the expectation of reader.

Conclusion –

In conclusion summaries what are the important points you covered in the article. give a quick recap.

Ask for readers feedback in comment section, how they like content, meet their expectation, what next they want from you, doubts, queries.

Don’t forget to give CTA that is call to action. for example like, comment, do share.

CSR Framework for content writing –

clear, sincere, readable content writing framework

CSR is one of its kind unique framework which every content marketer should follow in content writing.

As by now from image you know C stands for Clarity, S Stands for sincere and R stands for readable.

Content you write is should be clear, sincere and readable. let’s see in details one by one.

Clarity –

Here clarity means not font size or shape or color that’s the different one, in this context clarity is not visual but clarity in thoughts.

Don’t confuse readers with unspecific and confusing content deliver clear message.

To give more clarity on topic you can explain some real life example.

Sincerity –

In this remember one of the most important thing is don’t give promises only to attract.

if you promise certain things then deliver them. only to attract customer attention don’t give false promises.

In your content truth must be present.

Readability –

It should be easy to read.

Avoid large bulky paragraphs. instead write one or maximum two liner points.

Don’t use fancy fonts use proper formal font.

To make it more engaging use images, infographics, diagrams and table as and when required in creative way.

Remove or cut the unrelated words and unnecessary words.

Summary –

In this article we go through some important questions answer, and touch the important topic in content marketing.

First we see what is content marketing, after that why it is so important. Then we understand the difference between traditional advertising and content marketing.

In this article we learn top 3 framework that every digital marketer should follow. The three frameworks are 1. headline research framework, 2.IBC framework which is introduction body conclusion framework. and lastly we see the CSR framework it means content must be clear, sincere and readable.

If you want to read more then you can refer How to write SEO friendly content section in blog post Basics of digital marketing – mastering basics.

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Comment your valuable thoughts on this article.

Thank you for learning and applying that learnings.

Abhishek Jagzap.

Abhishek Jagzap

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