Basics Of Digital Marketing – Mastering Basics

How small and medium business owners built their marketing strategy.

Can you go and make an advertisement on the front page of the newspaper or show on tv your tv commercial.

A well establishes business having a big fat budget can be able to do. But Small and medium business owners, startups, solopreneur may be not able to do the same.

So what is the solution? As you know the importance of marketing in the growth of the business. 

You cannot wait for people to spread word of mouth about your business then you get new customers. In other words, one cannot wait for years to grow organically.

The solution is digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is not the future anymore it is present.

there is no option of selecting digital marketing in any way digital marketing is essential in today’s digital world.

To confirm is it important let’s answer few questions and you will get your answer.

  1. How much time did you spend on social media daily?
  2. How much you depend on various mobile apps to get your work done like payments, shopping, etc?
  3. When you want information where you ask, Google isn’t it.

A lot of data is available in numbers that say how internet users increasing and social media users and many more metrics.

Still you want more information on how digital marketing is important let’s read blog why digital marketing is important for businesses 3 reason.

I know as you come across this blog you already aware of this so without taking the time it’s got to the main topic.

The most prominent digital marketing methods are

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Social Media marketing
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Search engine marketing

1. Content Marketing – 

Content Marketing

Content is made of 3 parts headline, body, and conclusion. 

Headline –

Start with the headline and do research on keywords for what you are writing and put that keyword in the headline to make it powerful and attract customer attention from the very start.

Ensure the headline should not too short or too long it should be precise.

If possible make a headline curious.

Body –

Make one line point and don’t write big paragraphs. 

People love stories so if possible write your content in story format.

Even if you don’t write a story write content in a simple way one can understand easily.

Stick to the agenda or goal of writing content. 

Do research, give effort, and write well-researched content so it will stand out from all.

End/ Conclusion –

End by revising what you promise at the start, about what will you get benefits after reading this blog.

Request them to comment in the comment section on how they like and what should they want more from you.

Don’t forget to give a perfect call to action like Subscribe, follow, etc.

Bonus Tip On content writing – Visit this blog written by Digital Deepak on how to create content people want to read.

If you are a business person and want to write for your business then visit content marketing for business – best 3 step strategies article.


2. Social Media Marketing (SMM) – 

Social Media Marketing

Sharing information, sharing ideas, expressing via social media platforms available is known as social media.

Advantages of SMM – 

  1. Less costly than traditional marketing methods.
  2. good networking opportunities.
  3. Targeting customers on various factors is available.

Important social media networks – 

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. youtube
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Snapchat
  6. Twitter

Goals achieve through social media marketing are – 

1. Awareness – you can create awareness about a product, service, or brand. For example, you want more page views or more people aware of your website or product. in this case, you can select impressions as a campaign goal and make more people aware.

2. Consideration – Now people may aware of your brand but they think of the same when a purchase for the same product or service you sell. if not then they don’t consider your brand. you can achieve this goal through social media marketing.

3. Purchase – Increase sell and convert prospective customers into a customer by actually selling product or service. convert leads into conversion.

4. Delight – Use social media to give a great customer experience. Look at chat and solve queries asked by the customer. try to solve problems ask in the comment section at the same time so it increases brand value.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or Seo is the most essential skill every digital marketer should know in today’s time.

What is SEO? When you search anything on google then you get some results at the top. Most people click on the result shown on the first page and top of the page. There are millions of webpages for each search available. and no one can want to go through all these pages and select the appropriate one.

Google does the job for you and gets the best result from millions of webpages and shows at the top so you can have the best result to choose from.

Seo is an Organic method of letting your website rank at top of google search results.

Also, remember SEO is a slow process or it takes time to show the result.

Why SEO? 

  1. The organic method of ranking websites to higher in search results.
  2. Increase customer confidence.
  3. Increase credibility.
  4. Give your website quality traffic

How to Write SEO-friendly content?

The most Powerful tip to write SEO-friendly content is to write the relevant content to target consumers.

Whenever you write content your intent and goal must be clear if you confuse then how you deliver relevant content.

The best content is your unique content and not the copied one.

Bonus Seo Tip – SSL Certificate.

If your website has an SSL certificate then it helps you to rank at the top. it also increases the confidence of customers as your site is secure for them.

SEO is not small subject which covered in one blog. Checkout this detailed blog on SEO basics.

Want to learn about Top 3 SEO plugins then read SEO plugin for WordPress blog.


We start by understanding how digital marketing is important by answering the 3 questions.

We also go through blog post which is on importance of why digital marketing is important for business – 3 reason.

Then we go through three topics which are content marketing, social media marketing and Seo engine optimization.

Start applying this information by now and get result.

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Visit Introduction to lead generation for more information on lead generation.

Thank you for reading and applying learning.

Abhishek Jagzap.

Abhishek Jagzap

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