Freelancing For Digital Marketing 4 Skills.

You are planning to start freelancing for digital marketing, but you don’t know how to start or what skills from which I select.

Then you are in right place.

I created this article for those who are beginners and want to start freelancing for digital marketing.

You get Top skills to select from and start.

Learn the first step to start freelancing.

There is a time when no one knows about freelancing, but today freelancing is booming and everyone wants to do it full-time or part-time.

Everyone knows today what is it. the reason is the flexibility of work, you can work from home, remote location. you did not require an office, location.

You are the boss and the most critical thing is you can start while doing your job.

Becoming a freelancer is easier than ever before.

The first step to start – 

Set up your goal is the first step to start with.

What is the goal when you are just beginning?

Simply you have to decide that do it full time as side work while doing the main job. or to do it full time by leaving the main job and do only freelancing.

You can do a small research on what the other with same skills earning so to knows on how much income to expect. 

Experience, expertise, delivery time, quality, and personal brand value are the factors that affect how much you can charge. so when you do research consider these factors for estimating the earnings.

4 skills in digital marketing.

  1. Content writing.
  2. Website creation.
  3. Search engine optimization.
  4. Social media marketing.

1. Content writing – 

Writ for others. write e-books, articles, blog posts, and many more.

To start with considering this tip, start to write an article for your website. 

publish e-books so you have some work to show about skill as proof to clients.

When you become a content writer and start to deliver actual projects how can you charge? you can charge on a word basis.

I saw some content writers at start charge 2 rupees per word, this may change from client to client and type of work.

you can increase rates as you become experienced.

Bonus tip to increase income as a content writer is to build a personal brand, deliver the project on time, follow what you promise to your client, consistency is the key.

2. Website creation – 

The website is the online address of the business.

website, the blog is essential in the digital world for business, startup, professional, entrepreneurs, or individual who want to spread information or want to educate through blog posts.

If you master website creation then it is a high-paying skill. when I say website creation you may start to think about coding, lots of technical terms.

But if you know about WordPress then it does not require any coding or high technical skill, you can create a high-class attractive website from scratch without knowledge of coding.

WordPress is the largest platform to create websites.

the benefits of WordPress are

  1. Modify the website as per your requirement.
  2. Install plugins that increase functionality and they already do code for you, only installation is required.
  3. Use free or premium themes that provide you design.
  4. The theme, plugins are continuously evolving and update which benefits you.

There is the step-by-step process of how you can buy the domain, hosting, SSL certificate, then how to start with WordPress. how to do settings and create pages and posts on the website.

I am planning to release this step-by-step detailed article on how to create a website from scratch. Stay tuned for this article.

3. Search engine optimization – 

In search engine optimization businesses want to invest money but it is less than paid advertising. Every business wants free traffic through SEO efforts.

Most of the website and content on it is not create by considering SEO.

As a Seo expert you can provide services like SEO site audit report, Keyword research, do on-page SEO, do off-page SEO.

Seo is a high-paying skill and in-demand skills in 2021.

4 Social media marketing – 

Consumers spend a lot of time on social media channels like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, and many more.

The consumer is spending time on social media so businesses also want to dominate social media to leverage their brand and build a brand identity on digital channels.

Businesses require social media marketing experts to run their social media campaigns, manage activity on various channels and increase engagement to increase conversions.

In SMM there are lots of opportunities and it is a lucrative freelancing carrier.

These are some of the opportunities in digital marketing freelancing. for Other opportunities on different topics, I can create a separate article in the future.

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Thank you

Abhishek Jagzap.


Abhishek Jagzap

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