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1.Introduction to Google Ads

There are different skills one can become an expert in the digital marketing industry like social media marketing, search engine optimization, content writing, google ads, email marketing, analytics, website development, graphic designing, copywriting, and the list is too long if I go to a niche category.

But In this article, We are going to learn about google ads and If you want to master the number one skill in digital marketing yes google ads then this helps you to kickstart your learning journey.

I create this in the question-answer format so anyone understands it quickly and if you are a beginner then this is for you.
Google ads are the platform which is an advertising platform where the advertisers can run ads and get their goals or outcomes from that ad.

One confusion I found almost everyone has is there is a difference between Google ads and Google AdWords, the answer is no, let me explain before 2018 the name is google AdWords but after 2018 it was renamed as google ads.

If you go to google and search google AdWords then the link takes you on google ads so it is the


2. What Is SEM In Google Ads

search engine marketing


SEM Stands for search engine marketing, most digital marketers feel that it is one of the most important skills among all others.

But why does sem get so value and importance, The reason is SEM as a channel gives you high quality traffic which is relevant to your business.

But how actually SEM gives you relevant high-quality traffic let’s understand. Imagine you as a marketer want to generate leads but you are confused about where to do lead generation campaigns like Facebook or Google search ads.

Facebook is a social media platform and people goes on FB to chat with friends and family, share memories and wish on happy birthday and events like this. Essentially people did not go on Facebook to search for any product or service it means your ad on Facebook for lead-generation is push-type ads for the user.

In the case of sem, People are going on google basically for information, search products, and services, etc. Here the intent of the user is clear.

When a user searches and if you show them an ad it works like pull-type ads.

when someone looks for a product and sometimes he sees an ad promoting a similar product the chances to click on it is more. this is the reason why sem gives you relevant high-quality ads.


3. What Is Best SEM Or SEO

seo vs seo


Now you know about SEM and its importance, the next question that may come in mind is what is best between SEO and SEM.

For that first understand about SEO, SEO stands for search engine optimization and through SEO efforts the traffic you get is organic and mostly free.

Who does not want free organic traffic? everyone wants it. Seo takes months to give you results, It does not give you instant traffic. so SEO should be on your list but with the goal for the long term and not short term

In the case of sem, It is paid obviously, give you immediate result.

You pay for running your ad on the Google search engine result page and get traffic.

So final words are there no best or worst in between SEO and sem. Seo has its advantages and sem has its advantages.

In short, SEO is included in your long-term strategy. Sem included in your short-term strategy.


4. Objectives of a Google Ads Campaigns.

marketing objectives


What I follow always before starting or initial steps when starting to set up a marketing campaign is I decide objective.

I recommend you also follow this rule because it is the right way to start any marketing campaign.

What are the objectives (goals) that can be achieved by google ads?
1. Brand Awareness and Reach – When your goal is to reach a broad audience and create
2. Website Traffic – For relevant people to visit your website select website traffic as the goal.
3. Lead Generation – Select When your goal is to generate leads.
4. Product and Brand Consideration- When you want to people explore your products or services.
5. Sales – To drive sales.
6. App Promotion – When you want to increase the number of app installs.


5. 4 Campaign Types To Achieve Your goal

types of campaign


After the first step is completed which is selecting a goal next step, to begin with, google ads are campaign type.

select a campaign type that helps you achieve your goal in the best possible way.

Here are the 4 mostly used campaign types to achieve goal

1. Search – Selecting Search campaign, It lets you reach your prospective customers through text
2. Display – Create visually attractive ads beyond SERP such as publishing websites.
3. Shopping – Using shopping as a campaign type you can able to promote your products to get
bought by people.
4. Video – Video campaign let you reach viewers via video ads across youtube and websites.


6. What are the top 6 Most Important metrics In Google Ads

metrics to mesure


How to measure the goal of your campaign is achieved or not, if yes how much, and if not what goes wrong.

It is very significant to analyze the results of a campaign to know that it is successful or not.

Metrics are going to help you with various things to finally get insights from your campaign so using this data you can further optimize the next campaign.

According to me here are the top 6 metrics for google ads.

1. Impression – Total number of times an ad is shown is called an impression.
2. Cost – This metric tells you how much money you have spent so far on ad campaign.
3. Search Impression Share – total number of times an ad is shown to the total eligible number of
times an ad to be shown.
4. Clicks – when someone clicks on your ad then it considers as a click.
5. CPC – It is the cost per click and can be calculated as the total cost of an ad campaign divided by
the total clicks an ad receives.
6. CTR – It is click-through rate and measure using the formula, total numbers of clicks an ad
receives divided by the total number of impressions ad receives.


I hope this article helps you to build a strong basic understanding of google ads.

as I believe understanding basic is prominent in case you want to master a subject.

There Is a lot more still left about google ads, settings, ad groups, ad extensions, keywords, and
numbers of the topic.

I did not add that advanced topic as I have written this article for those who start their journey and it
also helps experts to get important things revised.

I will write more on google ads in detail in next coming weeks.

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