Why customer is important – Customer The Ultimate Pillar of success.

No doubt Consumer is the ultimate pillar for success in digital marketing. The customer is a very deep subject and to cover all aspects of this subject it requires to write a book on it separately.

I try my best to cover the most important aspects in this blog.

1. Understand customer pain point – 

Here to understand the consumer need or pain point is to when you design the content for creating awareness about your product or service use the lines and words that create visuals in customers’ minds like this product is made for them. 

Highlight the lines that seem to be the solution of the pain point the product going to solve, this attracts the customer’s attention.

2. Speak customers language – 

Imagine you make great content but your consumer doesn’t understand. Keep the consumer in mind when you make content.

For example, if a consumer understands Hindi write in Hindi, if a they  understands English write in English.

If the attention span is less of your target then make content which includes static images, diagrams, infographics and short paragraph.

3. Customer avatar – 

Create a customer avatar means creating an imaginary persona that represents all your set of customers.

Why it is important to make avatar, it helps you to make your all marketing activity considering centers to that person.

The customers unlike when they come in a physical shop, in the digital customer are not physical but are all the data you have about age, education, likes, and a lot more.

We understand some aspects, to understand this topic in deep we have to touch more aspects. 

You can visit this customer avatar blog post for detailed information on steps to create your ideal customer avatar.

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Abhishek jagzap

Abhishek Jagzap

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